David Baxendale is a published International Travel Photographer. 

David has been published many times by such organisations as Lonely Planet, National Geographic, The Discovery Channel, Huffington Post, Yahoo, Amnesty International, NHS, Turkish Airlines, Ted Baker Fashion, Timberland, World Snooker Federation, Royal Scottish Geographical Society, Ulysses Travel, Groupon, Jules Verne, The Wire Magazine amongst many others.

David’s image series on Mongolia’s Altai Mountains was also nominated as a finalist for the prestigous Travel Photographer of the Year awards, and his work and speeches for the Royal Scottish Geographical Society have been seen by many people including HRH Princess Anne.

UB 009

Praying at the Temple - Ulaanbaator, Mongolia 

"I have always loved travelling, and to be able to do that and combine it with my love of photography is a real privilege. Travel broadens the mind and makes you appreciate what you have.

My passion in my photography is trying to make a connection with the people whom I have met and photographed. Sometimes spending significant time with them before even getting the camera out of the bag, has hopefully helped me capture images and emotions in people that would have been impossible without this approach.

I prefer low, natural light photogaphy using fixed, fast prime lenses. I cannot remember the last time I used harsh flash, and a zoom lens rarely makes it onto my camera these days. I use Nikon Full Frame bodies, usually the D850"

Khazak Horses 002

Nubai - 81 year old Kazakh nomad

My image series on the ethnic nomads of Mongolia was nominated for prestigous world Travel Photographer of the Year award. This photo series was also commissioned into a three part trilogy by Lonely Planet. It was also featured by The Discovery Channel, in an episode of “This Happened Here"

Khazak Horses 001

Wild Horses Stampede - Altai Mountains, Mongolia

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