Glasgow coronavirus Lockdown

With Glasgow, like many parts of the world, under lockdown it gave me a chance on my once per day walk to try and capture a few images of the city like its never been seen before. 

Here are the first five images from that series;











I’ll continue with the series over the coming weeks, so watch this space.

Published Images

Big thanks to TripSavvy for using my image of Bangkok this week, and also to Italian site Viaggio Fotografica for using one from Mongolia

Kashmir Expedition

Heading out in November on an expedition to photograph Kashmir Monastery’s in Winter. 

At this time of year with inhospitable conditions there are very few travellers, due to the snow and -25 degree temps. I’ll be heading out to shoot remote villages and Monastery’s that at this time of year are lit up in the darkness with butter lamps and candles.

Really hoping to capture spectacular winter images like this one (not mine) of this amazing and remote area;


Times of India

Thank you to The Times of India for using my image in its feature on Kochi.


Glasvegas celebrated their 10 year anniversary of the magnificent debut album by headlining a sold out ABC in Glasgow on 6th May 2018.

I was the band photographer for the gig, and recorded the night with a series of shots from backstage. Here are some of the images from the night;

Glasvegas ABC 2018 002.jpg
Glasvegas ABC 2018 005 NWM.jpg
Glasvegas ABC 2018 006 NWM.jpg
Glasvegas ABC 2018 008.jpg
Glasvegas ABC 2018 010 NWM.jpg
Glasvegas ABC 2018 012.jpg
Glasvegas ABC 2018 013 NWM.jpg
Glasvegas ABC 2018 016 NWM.jpg
Glasvegas ABC 2018 019 NWM.jpg
Glasvegas ABC 2018 020 NWM.jpg
Glasvegas ABC 2018 021 NWM.jpg
Glasvegas ABC 2018 022 NWM.jpg
Glasvegas ABC 2018 003 NWM.jpg

Los Angeles

Spent a few weeks shooting in Los Angeles, California in July. Here are a selection of the images from the trip;

Jesus 001 NWM

‘Jesus Saves’ 

LA 017

‘Muscle Beach’

LA 024

‘Ballerina Clown’ 

LA 031

‘Beverly Hills’ 

LA 037

‘Down and Out in Beverly Hills’ 

LA 012

‘Ferris Wheel’

LA 003

‘California Dreaming’ 

LA 006

‘Under the Boardwalk’ 

Malibu 003


In the press this week…..

Thanks to the following publications for using my photography in the last week including a nice feature using my image from Prague in The Huffington Post. Click on the link below to check it out;

The Wire magazine also used my image of Indian Farmers in their article this week, and you can check that one out by clicking on the image below


Also I really appreciate my photography from Iceland being used by the Drifter Planet website, and by the travel site for Mykonos island in Greece, who used my photograph for their feature on the best photographs of Mykonos. 

Finally a big thanks to Viaggio Fotografico magazine and website in Italy, who used my images of Shohan the Mongolian Golden Eagle Hunter, as the main images for their feature on Mongolia Festival Aquile in September and October

Amnesty International

Its a big honour to have had two of my images selected to go into the 2018 Amnesty International Calendar


They will be publishing the two images below shot in the Altai Mountains of Mongolia

Shohan 150
Silou 001

I’ll publish the link to the Calendar when its available later in the year.

Inverse Magazine

A big thanks for Inverse Science Magazine for using my image as its lead image for this article on Global Warming 

Iceland 023


Thanks to the magazine and website Poker for using my image for the feature on The Golden Nugget in Las Vegas 2017


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